Abduction of Guenevere Yarn Club

The yarn club is closed and is no longer taking new members. To find out when the next yarn club opens, click here.


One day, Queen Guenevere takes a few knights with her on a pleasant horseback ride. But the ride quickly turns unpleasant when an evil knight comes along and abducts the queen! For this yarn club, you’ll receive part of the story each shipment, so you’ll find out who has kidnapped Guenevere and why through the end of the adventure. (What does Lancelot do when he finds out? Is Guenevere rescued? How does Guenevere end up getting herself in even more trouble?)

For four months, you’ll receive one shipment each month (so four total shipments) of a special yarn club colorway based upon this story of the Abduction of Guenevere. The story has been split into four parts. Each month, you’ll receive part of the story and a color of yarn based upon that part of the story. In at least one of the packages, you’ll receive an extra little gift.

Each yarn color is a surprise that you’ll anticipate each month along with the next part of the story. The colors are exclusive to the yarn club for at least three months from the date of shipment.

Each yarn base will be your choice. You can receive the same base throughout the entire club or you can mix and match and get a different base in each shipment. You’ll also be able to choose how many skeins of yarn (1-4) you receive each month (same number of skeins per month). (All bases sent as part of the club contain 100 grams per skein.)

You’ll also have the option of participating in a knit-along/crochet-along in the Round Table Yarns group on Ravelry, where you can chat with other yarn club members and be eligible to win prizes. In addition, you’ll receive a recommended list of pattern ideas for using your yarn club yarn.


Sign up for Club: November 1-15, 2017 (club may close earlier if all spots are filled)
First Shipment: Mailed December 5, 2017
Second Shipment: Mailed January 5, 2018
Third Shipment: Mailed February 5, 2018
Fourth Shipment: Mailed March 5, 2018


Your choices for bases are as follows:
All Camelot
All Tristan
All Avalon
All Lancelot
Fingering weight blend: Camelot, Grail, Merlin (non-self-striping), Legend
Non-fingering weight blend: Tristan, Avalon, Cornwall, Lancelot

You can read more about the bases on the Round Table Yarns website.

If you want to choose another base or combination of bases, send me an email and I’ll set up that option for you.


You can pay for the entire club when you sign up or you can pay in installments. The cost of the club will vary based upon which base(s) you choose as well as how many skeins per month you pick.

View PDF price list for this yarn club, which shows the base price for each option as well as the total cost when shipping is added on.

Installment payment details

If you chose installment payments, you’ll pay the first installment payment on the date you sign up for the yarn club (today). You’ll then have three more installment payments. The date of payment in each of those months will be the same date you signed up in November. (So that means that if you sign up on November 10, for example, that you’ll be making the additional payments on the 10th of December, January, and February.) Payments will automatically be made to your credit card on that date each month (you should receive a notice 3 days in advance that a payment is upcoming).

When  you make the final payment, you’ll get a notice that your subscription has been canceled. This is just the language used to let you know that you are at the end of your installment payments. Your subscription itself has not been canceled and you will receive all four yarn club packages!


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The Abduction of Guenevere Yarn Club from Round Table Yarns